Advertising, when done correctly, is informative, entertaining and motivational. When it's done incorrectly, its pollution.

How do you keep your business' direct mail from being part of the landfill and delivering an acceptable return on your investment? Use our checklist. We are a full service mailing house - We can hand affix stamps, while still getting you a bulk rate, drop shipments to the post offices; lower your mailing rates. Acquire very specific lists for targeted mail, sure. Or just confirm your mail meets post office standards.

It all starts with contacting us - Email or call: (818) 484 1635
The cost and time to send emails, text messages, tweets, instant messages, photos, computer calls and Facebook comments is incredibly low. But the result is that we seem to spend more time deleting and avoiding communications. You want your communication received, consumed and most importantly - you want response. .

How can you be certain that communications sent via direct mail are not only consumed, but worth the time, effort, and money spent to deliver them?

How do you keep your business' direct mail from taking the quick trip to the trashcan and delivering an acceptable return on your investment?

We have a put together a check list for each of our new clients to go through; ensuring each projects fits into the category of acceptable return for advertising dollar spent. We will let you know if your direct mail campaign shouldn't be done. The only way for us to grow our client base is to ensure that you, our client, makes money on each direct mail campaign. Using the checklist, we have the expertise to advise you how to change that concept if needed and that advice comes before you start your mailing project.

We supply lists for both consumer and business markets.

Design Print Mail can purchase targeted mailing lists for your business. Be sure to ask us about this service with your next order!